Lucia Raatma

Writer and Editor

Meet Lucia Raatma


Lucia Raatma is an editor and an author of children's educational books. Some of her favorite topics include historical events, influential people, wildlife, and environmental conservation.

She likes to write for fun and for her day job, but she likes to copy edit novels, too. Aside from all that, Lucia is a wife, mom of two, animal lover, and movie buff.

A Review from Children's Literature

Compass Point Books Early Biographies:
Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. made history in his struggle for civil rights. He was not only a great speaker and believer in a better world, but someone who believed all mankind could live in peace. He spent his life working for the betterment of all people. In her book, Lucia Raatma provides the young reader with a picture of this amazing man and his life. With photographs and simple language, Ms. Raatma can do what many have difficulty doing, explain the wonder and greatness of this man without confusing a young reader. Her simple explanation of his power and the moments surrounding this time in our history make the book a good choice for any classroom or media center collection. Through her words, Ms. Raatma is able to convey the reverence both supporters and detractors held for Martin Luther King Jr. She shows that he not only changed the minds of regular citizens but of Presidents and heads of state. While this book is written for younger children, Ms. Raatma does not sugar coat how blacks were treated during this time. Included in the book are a glossary and a timeline. “The Want to Know More” section is made up of books, web sites and places children can go to learn more about the struggle for civil rights.

Children’s Literature, January 2007